The headquarters of the group are located in Barcelona, Spain. It undertakes the representation and promotion for the pharmaceutical industry. We rely on a highly qualified management team focused on the business development of our clients in the region of Central America and the Caribbean.

With the guide and lead from the marketing areas of each represented laboratory, along with our marketing and medical management, Profármaco elaborates the business and sales plans and looks after the global interests of the represented laboratory in each market. In addition, Profármaco offers services in regulatory matters, market studies and in-out negotiation licenses. 

Profármaco, through its subsidiary companies (Mefasa) in the seven countries of Central America and Dominican Republic, recruits, hires, trains, motivates, directs, and controls the teams of pharmaceutical medical reps hosted in each country. 

Monitors the local distribution through its own branches and/or local wholesalers, define the right prices, directs and controls the execution of commercial campaigns and sale events. 

In addition, Profármaco runs a portfolio of licensed products for its promotion and distribution in the region of Central America and the Caribbean, under the denomination “Mefasa Farma” through a network of exclusive pharmaceutical sales reps with outstanding competitive skills. 

MEFASA distribution

The Mefasa companies (Mercantil Farmacéutica S.A.) are pharmaceutical companies legally stablished as distributors and with license to act as such, even to distribute products with own sanitary registers or for third parties. 

The subsidiaries of Profarmaco, S.A in the seven countries of Central America and the Dominican Republic demonstrate extensive experience in logistics and distribution, offering facilities, infrastructure, organization and means for import, storage, distribution and sale to pharmacies and health institutions. 

Leading international laboratories hire the services of Mefasa to represent them  and perform the tasks and services that ensure the optimal presence of their products in the region. 

The scope of the sales network of these affiliates is prominent, both of the medical reps as well as of the salesmen, shaping a highly specialized professional team and attaining high market penetration for our products. These subsidiaries, also host and monitor the pharmaceutical sales reps teams of Profármaco, as well as the represented external clients. 


Mefasa Farma is the pharmaceutical laboratory of Grupo Profármaco, which since 1990 seeks and stablishes agreements with international I+D centers for the commercialization of innovative pharmaceutical products in the region, either as our own products or under license, with our own pharmaceutical line, named “Mefasa Farma”. 

With the aim of always offering innovative pharmaceutical products with added value, ethical, safe and of very high quality, which contribute to the well-being of the population, we keep in touch with important European laboratories and prestigious research centers in order to continue expanding our own portfolio. 

In Mefasa Farma we have a human group specialized in the commercialization of our products in the Central America and the Caribbean region, and highly qualified to design and execute marketing and sales plans for each one of the products, ensuring a high market penetration and place them as leaders in sales. On top of that, the coverage of our own commercial network of highly specialized pharmaceutical reps and pharmacy promoters teams ensures an outstanding presence in the region.